Welcome to The Plum and Blossom – where sense met sensibility.

The first post of any blog really shouldn’t remain the default ‘welcome’ one that the template came with.

That being said…. welcome nonetheless.

Okay, the tagline is really pretty vague and I can’t resist the Jane Austen reference but it does sum up this pretty little endeavour that Plum and I came up with. Being both budding enthusiasts of traditional Japanese clothing. We would have pursued this passion earlier but we didn’t really have the money or the *ahem* to do so. Now that we’re both hardworking adults with an honest paycheck each, we can do the supposedly irresponsible thing and get this thing going!

What we hope to do over the next few months is to build up our individual collections of various types of kimonos, obis, kanzashis and other accessories that make up the traditional Japanese ensemble of clothes. (There are other plans but I’m not going to spoil anything really. *crosses fingers*)

Who exactly are Plum and Blossom?

I’d leave it to Plum to introduce herself but as a rough guide… we go by our pseudonyms on this site. She being Plum and myself as Blossom. It’s a huge inside joke that would just take too long to explain and has a really low rate of success unless you were either one of us. We’ve been friends for nearly 5 years and eerily connected through a series of obscure connections since our childhood days, long before we directly talked to each other.

Yes. Really.

Long story short, two very different people found a few things in common and pretty much decided to embark on a social experiment that was more than just marginally successful.

So how did this ‘thing’ start?

Pretty much like everything we did, the PnB started out of impulse and boredom. We’re both shameless fangirls of Japanese culture, both accumulating intelligent-sounding trivia from different aspects of it. One common interest in history and clothing. Hence, barely two weeks after putting on a kimono for the first time and enjoying the experience immensely , we shamelessly decided that we were going to make it happen as often as damned possible.

And how far have you guys gone in this effort?

After many weeks of hesitation and searching… we finally put down orders for our first set of furisode each. I went a step further and bid on ebay for a kimono and an obi.

We hope to be able to put up our first pictures within the next two weeks. Then this blogshoppe won’t look lonely. :/

So anything else we can expect from The Plum and Blossom within the year?

Yes. We have something very, very special planned… but I’m keeping mum on that. *grins*

Speaking for myself, I feel this to be a very personal and valuable project. It’s more than just kimonos and sashes or histories and fangirl-ism… I feel it to be a very interesting turn in my own friendship with Plum.

(Yes, Plum. You’ll get a hug.)

So keep coming back… we’ll be putting stuff like links and not-so-random articles up soon. It’ll be interesting and you’ll sound smart when you use it in conversation.

We promise. : )



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