bagging it

First off, a rainy Sunday is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Waking up today with a whole lot of potential for doing absolutely NOTHING was really just amazing. Even more amazing was iTunes deciding that the Nat King Cole Trio was the first thing I should hear upon pressing play. Amy Winehouse followed soon after and I take this as a divine sign that I ought to just take things easily…

Now, onto our scheduled blog post. ^_^

After yesterday’s trip into the strange strange land known as the Japanese section of Kinokuniya, I spent the evening contemplating which hairstyle to experiment on my sister, whose hair is long enough for me to play around with. She’s none too happy about it but being the eldest sibling in an Indonesian family allows me certain ‘passes’. While I attempt to convince her to let me try at least once, I’ll have to settle for channeling my creative energies to something else. <_<;

As Plum states, she’s interested in tying the damn obi knot. Yes, I also happen to swear a whole lot more than she does (these days). Relegating the obi tying to her has severely reduced that habit but I’m afraid, I’m still the more foul-mouthed of the pair. Anyway, I’m more into the fabrics and prints and nothing shows off the thought and workmanship out into an ensemble better than a well-selected and well-made accessory like a bag or a kanzashi.

Looking at the way I’ve been spending my money, it occurred to me numerous times that we’ve picked up an expensive and potentially-unrewarding-in-all-ways-but-personal sort of hobby. Not that we care (this also, fast becoming our motto these days). In some cases, the accessories cost as much as the kimono itself and my wallet riles at that.

In order to rectify that wrongdoing, I sought out the person with a phD in Everything – my mother – to get some help in my attempt in making some of the stuff on my own. I decided to start with simple things like the koshihimo and basic pouchbag. I was lucky enough to find a free pattern for the pouch with detailed instructions here. While it looks daunting, I console myself with the idea that… at least after all that sweat, swearing and potential tears, it still beats tying the obi because:

  • I don’t have to figure out which end goes where when I want to use it.
  • I don’t have to suffer not going to the bathroom when I’m using/attempting to tie it.
  • It definitely lasts longer than the afternoon or how long my bladder can withstand holding in all that water. Don’t forget No.2 too.
  • I can wear it wihout the yukata or kimono.

So come payday, I think I’ll be paying a trip to Spotlight to find the needed materials with Mom’s advice at the back of my mind. *grins*


Also, dear lone reader, you may have noticed the pretty new logo we have. Yes, that is original… and like everything else, we couldn’t have had this without a little help from our family & friends. Thanks, Wan! It’s really pretty and we love it. : )


1 Comment

  1. Wan said,

    September 6, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Thanks for the shout out! 🙂
    And that bag projects looks fun. I wonder if you can use a sheer material and like a pattern lining so the bag looks kinda layered. Maybe I should try it out myself lol.

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