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For some reason, it won’t embed. So here’s the link instead to the vlog on our arrival to KIX and traveling to our guesthouse.


Vlogs & Japan Love!

We haven’t done a review as we planned to… but it’s because we have a pretty good reason.

After so many years of waiting, Plum and I are finally in Japan!! XD

It’s amazingly beautiful, fresh, earnest and… cold. Well, cold by Singaporean standards anyway. As I type this, the ambient temperature is around 17 degrees celsius and rather cloudy. I suspect its due to the rain and according to google, the weather will continue to be this cold till tomorrow when it might clear up and be sunny.

Below are the vlogs we made en route and once we got here. I’ve lost all sense of time and Plum enjoys sleeping whenever she gets the chance. I envy her for being able to do so. I’m wide awake after 5 hours and I didn’t get an ounce of sleep on the plane from BKK to KIX. :/

But Japan is worth it and I would write more but we’ve already vlogged it. So… Enjoy our rants!


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Incredible Tales – Revenge

Yay! We finished the second episode after much pain…. ^_^

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No thanks to iMovie ’08 *mutters*. <_<; This episode is proof that there are moments where Apple just made something so insanely difficult to use. I was looking forward to the editing process but in the end, Plum had to do it again. Still, she did do an excellent job.


Vlog #1 – Karaoke

Bad singing…. loads of fun. ^0^

– Blossom

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Incredible Tales – The Passenger


It’s always a nice thing. Even if I wonder whether or not, Plum and I might get potentially sued for this. We don’t mean any harm but with the litigious nature of today… I thought we should put this out there.

It’s not about kimonos or anything Japanese today. It’s really about Singapore and in a sense, you could say that this is the other side of PnB which is the gaijin experience.

We started doing the video for the lulz but soon found that we had a legitimate reason on our hands. Plum and I grew up on Singaporean tv and we remembered ‘the glory days’ of when we loved whatever they served us – local or otherwise. We particularly enjoyed the local productions because most of the time, they were quite good.

However, most of it is less than stellar nowadays… or rather, started when I became a teenager. This problem just seemed exacerbated by the advent of the internet and with youtube, it just put the final nail in the coffin. And let’s not forget cable tv which totally kills local Singaporean programming.

That’s not to say that Singaporean tv blows. They have some great fare… so this is our attempt to sort of sieve through what we like and what we don’t like about local productions. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the industry to make more informed reviews… and also up the standard of our own editing (though Plum and I aren’t professionals so it’s going to take us a while to figure out how to even use iMovie properly >_<;)

So, what happens when 2 Singaporean girls get bored and have a webcam and a mike… well, they load xinmsn.com, log their thoughts… and make jokes and bad puns about the stuff they’re watching. Pardon the audio and the editing, our dear audience of 1. XD


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