The items that keep everything nicely folded and placed just right. See the entire collection here.

An obi-ita (帯板) is a thin stiff board that helps keep an Obi in place and prevent it from getting wrinkled. It is worn underneath the second layer of the obi, after wrapping around the body twice. Modern versions have an elastic band or string, so it can be put on before the obi. This is a godsend when it comes to keeping the obi nice and neat… and not to mention stuffing important things like your fan or even your camera or mobile phone. Works just like a pocket… only better.


  • Collection: Blossom/Plum
    Notes: Synthetic fabric, elastic straps and hook

A koshihimo is an undersash used for several purposes when dressing up in kimono. It’s also used for keeping the sleeves up when one is at work. You could use shoelaces but they’re not as comfortable or as neat as a proper soft tie.


  • Collection: Blossom
    Notes: cotton, 1.75 x 84 inches

An obi makura is additional padding to the obi musubi that gives it more volume. It’s usually hidden by an obi age.

Obi Makura

  • Collection: Blossom/Plum

A korin belt is used to keep the kimono collars from spreading open and revealing the girls to the world.

Korin Belt

  • Collection: Blossom/Plum
    Notes: elastic strap with plastic clips

An eri shin helps to keep the collars of the kimono and the juban stiff.

Eri Shin

  • Collection: Blossom/Plum
    Notes: you might need some paper clips or something to hold this in place under the kimono collar.
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