The Craft Saint’s Daughter

There’s something about being raised by an old school homemaker. For one, I’m subjected to the daily guilt trip of not keeping my room as neat as it ought to be. Lately, however, mom’s been a little more than ecstatic at my new hobby and has been giving tips on how to work with fabric.

After letting her know about my impending kanzashi attempt – yes, I intend to construct at least a small snap pin kanzashi – she showed me her treasure trove of extra fabric that she hadn’t been using but kept because it would be a total waste to throw them away.

Flooded by the nostalgic memories of bonding between her own mother and herself, my mother was only too happy to give me some advice on how get started and where to get things. I have to admit that I’m glad she feels that she’s needed by me. An empty nest doesn’t suit someone like her. She was born to be a mother.

spare fabric

While the pieces above aren’t the usual sort people would use for kanzashis, as long as they’re free and colourful… possibilities are pretty endless really. I ought to invest in my own glue gun too. So come this weekend, it will be kanzashi shopping part 2. XD

Thanks, Mama!


And the new avatar is cool isn’t it? And all thanks to Plum! XD


DIY Kanzashi

The crafting madness has pretty much descended on both of us.

After a successful attempt at making my own koshihimo, the idea of making my own kanzashi didn’t seem too daunting. Particularly after a trip to Akihabara (sadly the shop, not the area ;-;) revealed that a kanzashi could cost up to SGD$80. Plum and I did all we could to bit down on our tongues and not a) swear, b) get kicked out of the store. We sourced our a few shops and we’re proud to reveal the fruit of our efforts below!


Plum made Maiko (the one with the white pearl spray) and I created Haru no Hana. Yes, we’re so proud we gave them names. ^_^”