this time, next month…

… we will be in JAPAN.

Needless to say, we’re both very excited to actually be able to say that and mean it. Tickets are bought and the hotel room is booked. Plum and Blossom are off to Japan for 12 glorious days.

It’s been a while since either of us blogged and if the dashboard wasn’t virtual, it would have covered with a layer of dust. As usual, the culprit that distracted us from all things Japanese was basically work. Oh, that evil, evil word…

One thing we’re definitely looking forward to is the ability to wear yukatas as much and as often as we want when we get there. Since its the summer, tourists in traditional dress aren’t that rare a sight. Plus, Plum and I are Asians so we’ll stick out less as compared to people who aren’t Asian and wearing a yukata. (I still think afro hair with a yukata can totally work though)

Ah, Japan… we’re prepared to be wow-ed and reduced to total fangirlism. @0@

– Blossom