Kimono flirtations and the daily grind.

Its been a while since we’ve updated PnB. Not that we’ve been somewhat lacking in our amour for the kimono but its currently crunch time for schools in Singapore and we’ve been bogged down by both the national and school-based exams.

Posting will probably return to normal by early to mid-November when we have more time to put quality effort in our posts instead of putting up stuff that’s half-assed. So there will be more posts on coordination and hairstyles once we get back into our kimono grooves.

On another note, since Halloween is around the corner, Plum and I have been experimenting and stepping out of our comfort zones with other forms of dressing found in Japanese sub-culture – namely the Sweet Loli and Goth Loli forms. It’s been one hell of a trip and there are similarities between that sort of dressing and kimono wear, albeit the former is less symbolic.

~ Blossom


Plum, Blossom and the Fight Against Time!

Okay…. this is just a note if there are people reading, we just want to say that due to our working life unfortunately taking its toll on us, The Plum and Blossom will only be updated on weekends. : (

We started this site during a vacation hence the reason why our initial posts were quite frequent. We don’t want to post for the sake of it so we felt that it’s better to reserve our posts for the weekend when we can really post something of value.

Also, we’ve received a few notes of encouragement. ^_^ Thanks so much for that! We hope not to disappoint.